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So So tired of constantly learning the new updates.

Have no idea what the algorithm wants from you.

Overwhelmed by all of the experts spewing advice and their "Must- Do's" all over the place.

Don't understand why the content your creating isn't converting

Just need an outsiders perspective on what is going right, and what is going wrong

Does this sound like you?

Through a customize plan of action you start to see some traction, sales and higher engagement.

Suddenly creating content feels more manageable because your to-do list is clear and executionable. 

And you have a full support team you can turn to if you have any questions!

A full plan of action was delivered to your inbox!

You receive list of topics telling you exactly what to talk about and what kind of reels to make.

The mystery is completely taken out of your accounts stagnet growth.

Now, imagine if...

Included you'll receive a Bio & Username Audit
Constructive Criticism on 3+ posts
Overall Content & Branding Review
List of Post, stories and Reel ideas to Educate, Entertain + Inspire to your audience
In-depth Strategy to help Your account Grow

analyzing and creating a custom plan of action

a 17 page audit pdf


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Thats right. aA quick glimpse into the future of what your feed could look like, including mocked up post, reel covers and images to take you feed next level.

mock up stratgey of what your account could look like

List created just for your brand! Posting ideas. Reel concepts and story ideas that can help boost your engagement by hitting your 3 defined pillars head on. Don't know what your pillars are? No problem thats also included in your audit.

plan of action

Breaking down what went right and what went so, so wrong in with friendly, upbeat constructive criticism, will make creating post in the future alot more direct and less complicated because you'll have a better understanding what you need to do from that point on.

3+ post review

This one is pretty straight forward. Let's see if there's something we can do to bump up the eyes on your account and draw attention by enhancing a few things.

Bio, profile photo + Username Audit

Inside you'll find:

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It's time to go next level

meet amie

Brand enthusiast

Content creator



Social media lover

Look I could talk strategy all day! Instagram has SO many amazing benefits for a brand if utilized properly.  I'm just a one woman crew but over the years I have learned alot about this little platform and I'm always surprised how much of a mystery it still is to alot of people. You think the algorithm is out to get you, In fact youre SURE of it. But its not. I'm going to help bridge your goals to what Instagram needs from you to help you grow.

If you buy a Audit from me, I will offer you my Basic content package Photoshoot for $100 off.

Take everything you just learned from your audit and add fresh photos to the mix. Really commit to your brand and your goal to take it next level

Plus, a fantastic bonus!

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Buy the Audit + Shoot

We would never suggest crazy impossible content, We strive to shoot within your wheel. house. But we are also happy to guide you with further detailed scrips and concepts to purchase if needed. And not to mention Content Retreats are in the work! Come a create side by side with experts and leave with a To-Done list, not a to do list.

What If i dont think i can film or shoot the suggested content on my own?

Unfortunately I do not manage socials medias but I do have an amazing SMM I can refer you to.

Can I hire you after the audit to manage my social media?

upon booking, there is a short questionnaire that you can answer to give us the best understanding of the direction you wish to grow,

How will you know what goals I want to accomplish?

Currently Audits will be returned in a week or less. You will be notified if there are any updates

how long till i have my audit in my inbox?

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